Individual Consultation

The lack of an immigration policy that protects our communities of color, and erases the machine that was created to deport low income people of color has created a sea of individuals and families seeking support fighting against the deportation machine. Attorney fees are high for most low-income immigrant communities and it can be difficult to find assistance.

Latino Advocacy, LLC helps you to understand the complexities of the immigration system and interpret/translate documents. Latino Advocacy can also help orient immigrants’ families once they are caught in the enforcement area of the immigration system by utilizing a strong network of individuals with expertise in various areas of the systems.

Interpretation and forms

Interpretation and translation of documents is available. Rates depend on number of pages and complexity of the text.

Appointments are available in both English and Spanish.




• Utilizes network of experts • Clients have access to experts in all of the areas of the civil systems they are navigating that have been proven to be effective and trust worthy.
• Personally familiar with systems • Clients benefit from our personal experience in navigating systems as well as our ten years of experience in assisting others navigate civil systems.
• Provides translation and interpretation services • Clients who are not native English speakers are able to understand important documents they need to sign and submit as well as understand the intricacies of the laws and regulations to which they must adhere.