Our History

In 2000 we began our volunteer work with different social service agencies that served the Latinx community. From there we acquired skills in coordinating English classes for immigrant and refugee adults at direct service organizations. We taught ESL in the “traditional English” style and quickly found that students wanted to know more about immigrant rights. Therefore, our teaching group changed the English classes into “these are your rights” English classes. We developed a curriculum that helped this happen and were incredibly successful in educating the Latinx community about their rights as immigrants in the U.S. Although this was an important service, we knew that in order to truly help our peers we would have to promote along-term and systematic change. We joined organizations working to create social change, and from there we acquired new skills that we applied to our specific communities’ needs. Still this made us understand that change must come from leadership in our own communities. Thus, Latino Advocacy was created in 2010 in order to help organizations and grassroot groups led by people of color build a true base in the community led by immigrants themselves and ultimately racial justice.

Our Current Work

In over 5 years of operating, Latino Advocacy has been inspired and motivated by the grassroots movements and groups operating outside of the mainstream narrative fighting for racial, reproductive, gender, climate and immigrant justice. Many of these groups have asked for Latino Advocacy's support and solidarity, the following are a list of grassroots, people of color led groups that Latino Advocacy is honored to be currently working with, for both pro-bono and paid work:

Got Green?
NW Resistance
Not1More Deportation


Our hope is to be part of a systematic change that ends white supremacy by supporting the grassroots led by people of color fighting for racial, reproductive, and immigrant justice.