Policy, Advocacy and Organizing Development

Organizations and grassroots groups require long term planning that addresses the root causes of poverty, inequality, racism, classicism, and gender inequality and learning how a balance of public policy and grassroots organizing can contribute to address and ultimately solving these issues. Organizations and groups also require consistent growth and progress in order to satisfy its mission and stakeholder population changes. At Latino Advocacy, we help you find the right tools to help develop your staff, membership, and ultimately your organization or group through public policy planning and development as well as long term advocacy and organizing strategies to continue providing services and achieve your mission.

Bilingual services

We offer bilingual services facilitating meetings and group sessions in both English and Spanish, translation of documents and audio, as well as simultaneous interpretation for conferences, events, and meetings.

Groups/Meetings Facilitation and Workshops

At Latino Advocacy we specialize in meetings facilitation: from a regular staff meeting to a full retreat weekend facilitation. We also offer specific workshops to help grow your organization or group's skills or we can work in developing tailored trainings to your organization or groups' specific needs. Trainings, workshops, and meeting facilitation can be offered monolingually or bilingually.



• Campaign development
• Identifying the issues, power analysis and community assessment
• Campaign goals, objectives, strategies and tactics
• How to use local media and social media for community organizing
• Public speaking
• Leadership development
• Membership recruitment
• Community organizing in communities of color 101/advanced
• Organizing tools 101/advanced
• Grassroots organizing
• Understanding racial, reproductive and immigrant justice in organizing
• Coalition building
• Non-violent direct actions
• Movement building


• What are our rights?
• Immigration system and detention for providers
• How to defend ourselves from detention and deportation
• US political system and power analysis
• Dignity dialogues for real immigration reform


• Advocacy 101
• Grassroots lobbying
• Elections and voting for immigrant citizens and non-citizens
• How the legislative process works
• Lobbying for 501(c)3s


• Train the trainers
• Time management
• How to facilitate meetings
• Internal oppression, racism and cultural diversity
• Public speaking

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