Latino Advocacy provides our clients with advocacy and grassroots organizing to develop a strong strategy, build a support base, and further the goals and campaigns of each organization or group.

Most organizations' funding depends on state, county, and city grants. Latino Advocacy, LLC can help your organization advocate and lobby for funding by engaging clientele membership, or stakeholders within 501(c)3 limits. If your organization is not dependent on government funds, we will share sustainability ideas for a long term fight.

Communications Support

Latino Advocacy’s primary focus for the past six years has been developing communication and media relation skills for grassroots groups, building relationships with media outlets in Washington State and beyond. Organizations and groups can further their campaigns and goals with a strong combination of utilizing social media as well as mass media to build public support for their issue. Latino Advocacy can assist in carrying out communications for your organization or group, or help develop a strong communications and media team within your group. This unique experience allows Latino Advocacy to reach a broad audience and establish credibility in the community, furthering client’s reach in promoting their campaign or goal in the Latinx community and beyond.

Policy and Advocacy Development

Organizations and some groups require strategic long term planning. Latino Advocacy can help your organization or group plan beyond strategic planning, including policy/advocacy planning and development that complements your fundraising efforts. Latino Advocacy can assist organizations with their policy and advocacy development. Methods used include long term planning, workshops, group meetings facilitation, and leadership training within organizations. Latino Advocacy has over 10 years of experience successfully helping organizations with advocacy, grassroots organizing, communications and policy development.

Facilitation and Workshops

At Latino Advocacy we help you find the right tools to develop your staff and membership through tailored workshops, planning, and long term advocacy. Our workshops facilitation can help your organization or group continue to provide excellent work and achieve its mission.

Service Benefits
• Policy and Adocacy Development • Organizations and groups learn to develop their campaigns and strategies to build public pressure for their issues, build a long lasting base for future campaigns
• Communications and Media Team Development • Organizations and groups are able to build broad support for their campaign or goal through media, and build relationships with media outlets for future issues
• Group Faciliation and Workshops • Organizations and groups can bring a third party to give a fresh perspective on the issues most important to them, as well as gain new tools to continue supporting communities they work with.

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