Latino Advocacy provides our non-profit clients with advocacy and grassroots lobbying to grow their organization and accomplish their missions.

Non-profits are facing the economic recession in more ways than one. Most organizations' funding depends on state, county, and city grants. Latino Advocacy, LLC can help your organization advocate and lobby for funding by engaging clientele membership, or stakeholders within 501(c)3 limits.

If your organization has specific deliverables and your budget does not permit the hiring of staff, Latino Advocacy, LLC can help you achieve this through contract agreements with scope of work.

Policy and Advocacy Development

Organizations require strategic long term planning. Latino Advocacy, LLC can help your organization plan beyond strategic planning, including policy/advocacy planning and development that complements your fundraising efforts. Latino Advocacy’s primary focus is to assist non-profit organizations with their policy and advocacy development. Methods used include long term planning, workshops, group meetings facilitation, and leadership training within organizations. Latino Advocacy has more than 5 years of experience successfully helping non-profit organizations with policy development.

Facilitation and Workshops

At Latino Advocacy, LLC we help you find the right tools to develop your staff and clientele/membership through tailored workshops, planning, and long term advocacy. Our workshops facilitation can help your non-profit continue to provide excellent services and achieve its mission.

Latino Advocacy has a strong presence in local Latino media outlets, including radio programs and newspapers across the state of Washington and beyond. This unique asset allows Latino Advocacy to reach a broad audience and establish credibility in the community; which is transferred to Latino Advocacy’s clients when they advocate their issues in the community and state government.




• Conducts workshops and facilitates group meetings • Organizations learn how to develop policy and advocate for their specific issues as well achieving fundraising goals.
• Leadership Development Organizations are empowered to organize effectively to advocate for their issues in the public realm
• Utilizes Latino Media Outlets • Organizations benefit from working with Latino Advocacy by leveraging Latino Advocacy’s recognition in the community as a leading voice in prominent Latino issues throughout the state of Washington.