Latino Advocacy conducts workshops, facilitates group meetings, and helps organizations develop specific planning that allows them develop policies that advocate for their specific issues and therefore achieve specific fundraising goals. Latino Advocacy utilizes its strong media relations with newspapers and radio programs in the Latino community across Washington State and beyond in order to reach a broader audience and to become more effective in its advocacy efforts. Latino Advocacy empowers organizations and grassroots groups to organize effectively by conducting workshops, facilitating group meetings, and providing leadership training to leaders. Although it is not a lobbyist organization, Latino Advocacy organizes grassroots communities to successfully advocate their issues.

Latino Advocacy’s promise is to STRENGTHEN VOICES in oppressed communities.

• Works in the community and understands the issues; will not advocate for issues that are harmful to the Latinx community.

• Takes time to become familiar with non-profit organizations needs and the needs of their members and community in order to provide the best guidance in policy development.

• Helps empower organizations, grassroots groups and individuals by helping them develop the skills to advocate for themselves and those in their community